Short Biography of the Founder

Gernot Huber, born in 1929 at Tübingen, studied there with Erich Mönch and after completing the final secondary school examination, he learnt painting, lithography, graphics and advertising with Prof. Eduard Ege and Prof. Georg Trump. Starting from 1953, he worked as a graphics, display and industrial engineer for large companies in Europe, and established his own advertising agency and display production in Hamburg in 1960 – Werbeforum (Advertising Forum) Gernot Huber - and developed corporate identities all over the globe starting from 1969. In 1970 he was appointed as a guest lecturer for industrial design. In 1990, he turned completely to sculpture and is now working primarily for his own sculpture parks in North Germany and Tenerife.

He established the Gernot Huber foundation in 1997 in which the parks were incorporated. Since then, he is supporting young artists of sculpture with scholarships.

In October 2001, Gernot Huber's book, "Art between pine trees and cactuses" was released with the Braus edition by the Wachterverlag (Wachter Publishers) in Heidelberg under ISBN-3-89904-000-7. This book reads like an absorbing success story. It also addresses the issue that makes the majority of art lovers insecure, namely a dominant group of art rhetoricians who glorify high-profile nonsense as art, which is no longer understood as such.