From the Visitors' Book

 "Art between pine trees and cactuses - an apt name. After we spent time under the pine trees last year, we toured the second part today. We are thrilled."
Ute and Jörn Schmidt

"Experiencing the togetherness of nature and art will be etched on our minds permanently!"
Dieter Gerrmann

"I departed feeling rich in new knowledge and experiences, and with a feeling of having made progress on my way to becoming a sculptor!"
Sculptor Frank Focke

"You work is worthwhile, you move and create something that will exist in the long run. I would be pleased to help you with this."
Thomas Oppermann, MdB

"See plenty and learnt a lot. We are leaving your paradise almost with envy. Plenty of joy and harmony between art and botany is what the
travel journalists of Dumont + ADAC Verlag (Publishers) wish you all".

"What is art? "External expression of an inner process" E. Barlach. Impressed, astonished, stimulated and excited, delighted and exhilarated, moved and scared, we leave with new insights – how nature and art go together, merge with one another and unfold contrasts - we could see this with great respect for the artists! Thanks!"
Friedrich Schorlemmer, Civil Rights Activist

"El mejor sueno es el que el hombre hace para contemplar la belleza de lo más natural y perfecto que los ojos humanos pueden ver y disfrutar produciendo un gran placer a cada momento vivido."
Oscar Alberto

"We wish all the best and plenty of success to all those who bring understandable art and culture closer to human beings."
Christian Wulff - President of the Federal Republic of Germany

"How wonderful to have found such people who are so close to us in doing, feeling and experiencing, and have created the work of a lifetime, that makes us full of wonder and great joy. The same passion has merged us, one from the West – the other from the East, for our delight and that of mankind, with this wonderful experience of art making both the soul and senses sway between blue clouds and reflective steel – movement in space."
Ugi and Thomas Radeloff - Katzow art park

“Eva Maria Friede conveys her heartfelt gratitude for this unique delight of art. She feels herself reconciled with this culture of our often "mistaken" cultural values. It is beautiful!!! Thanks"

"You have shown me the way to modern art. The works of art have moved us,  and now, we begin to understand them".
Klaus and Marianne Blancbois

"There are not many skulpture gardens that look so good."
Prof. David Evison, Bildhauer

"A relaxation for the senses and the soul."
S. Gemé

“An impressive discovery."
Dr. Anne Frühauf, Dr. Anne Frühauf, Head of Cultural Affairs

"I came filled with scepticism, but am leaving full of inspiration with the desire to come once again."
Silva Seeler Mdl

"As I went through the sculpture park in the sun + wind, its sensuous charisma + beauty engulfed me. As I left the park, I felt enriched and full of joy that the park is there."
Gesine Grundert - NDR TV

"We first met at Tenerife and were inspired. Today, we do not know where it is more beautiful."
Ingeborg and Carlo Vernimb

"The entire park is overall and in all detail a stunner."
Prof. Frei Otto

"It is all so worth seeing, that I must bring friends along the next time who should also enjoy the delight."
Gundula Brauns

"I have experienced a world in which I would like to live."
Monika Brandner, Austria

On my 10th visit, I was just as inspired as on the first one.  Now, I look forward to the 11th next year, God willing.
Longius Christ

"I find the art here very beautiful. It was very exciting to see the works  of art. Written by Julian Ernst Stefan Adloff." (Age 8 years)